Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi's interaction was part of  Hindustan Zinc initiative – “An Insight” – held at Hindustan Zinc Auditorium on 22nd September, 2017 in Udaipur...

"Zinda Hoon Mai" - Break the routine and discover new sides of yourself. Don't try to be like someone…Be an amazing version of the unique you”, said Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi during his interaction with employees of Hindustan Zinc on 22nd September, 2017 at Hindustan Zinc Auditorium. Mr. Vidyarthi was in Udaipur to deliver a lecture under the initiative launched by Hindustan Zinc – “An Insight”.
A versatile actor who has done more than 200 films in 12 languages has a unique style of presentation that made the entire 300 audience present in Hindustan Zinc auditorium, Udaipur spellbound. The art of interaction clubbed with change of expressions and body language made the interaction even more interesting and communicative.
During his interaction, Mr. Vidyarthi emphasized on not being afraid to make mistakes because mistakes help to learn and discover new aspects about oneself. His humorous anecdotes encouraged to look at the positive side of life and be grateful for what one has achieved. Mr. Vidyarthi pointed out that one should own their life and cherish the present.
There were many occasions when participants realized how daily routine of their life is impacting their happiness. “One has to believe that he is alive and has a purpose of being in this life”, he said.
The interaction was webcast to reach out to all employees of Hindustan Zinc and also webcast live on Facebook page of the company. The interaction reached over 100,000 people including employees.
Mr. Sunil Duggal - CEO, HZL during the program said, “We often forget about living in the moment and usually focus on tomorrow. Live today and tomorrow would be lived. It is important for everyone to know that they have a purpose in life and that should be fulfilled."
Mr. Vidyarthi is winner of National Film Award, Filmfare Award and Star Screen Award. He is also Founder of the company Avid Miner, an enterprise that engages corporates and organizations with out-of-the-box interactive modules. 


"Being Safe" initiative has been quite effective in reducing stress, bringing-in a sense of responsibility not just at the workplace but also towards the families of the employees... 

Safety has always been a priority for Hindustan Zinc. The initiative “Being Safe” by Corporate Communication conveys on-the-job and off-the-job safety to the employees of the Company. By using live interactive tools, discussion of case studies and screening in-house made safety films, the initiative conveys the importance of being safe for themselves and their families. In this quarter, “Being Safe” conducted 2 workshops for employees at Chanderiya Smelting Complex and Zawar Mines and interacted with over 200 employees to bring about a sense of responsibility for safety among them.
Rajasthan ranks 5th in India in terms of Road Accidents. Road Safety has been taken for granted where many do not follow traffic rules and do not wear helmets or belts while driving. Risk factor has become a source of thrill for not just adults but for children too. “Being Safe” thus extended its focus on children where Corporate Communication conducted 3 workshops at Central Academy, Chittorgarh, Ryan International, Udaipur and DAV school, Zawar, interacting with over 300 students in the quarter. Children would not only craft the future of India but are also instrumental in bringing change in the system and mind-set. The Safety Interactive Workshop brought up enlightened young individuals who promised to follow the path of Being Safe.
“Being Safe” has till now interacted with more than 2500 employees and children and has been successful in inculcating the value of life and bringing employees closer to the management.


Reducing Breakdowns by In-house designing of Loader bucket…
Komatsu Loader WA900 having 13 cubic meter bucket capacity, is one of the largest Loaders used in Mining Industry. At Rampura Agucha Open Cast Mine, this Loader is used at primary crusher pad for ore feeding.  But RA-OC team has been a facing a major challenge in the Loader, its tooth points would often wear off from the mounting pin and fall into crusher resulting in crusher breakdown. Also, the life of tooth point was very short.
To reduce the crusher breakdown and to increase the life of tooth point of the bucket, Heavy Earth Moving Machine (HEMM) team consisting Mr. Krishankant Tripathi (Executive- HEMM), Mr. Sachin Kumar (Engineer- Mining Machinery) and Mr. Arjun Kumar (HOD-HEMM) took the challenge to change the design of the Loader bucket. After studying the technicalities involved, the complete bucket front lip was re-designed by the team indigenously and manufactured through local agency. Tooth Point of different design was also fitted in the bucket.
The results were remarkable. Since then, there is not a single case of premature wearing of tooth point in the new design of bucket. The life of new tooth point is twice the original. The cost of ground engaging tools for the equipment went down from Rs. 1538/ hour in FY 2015-16 to only Rs. 415/ hour in FY 2016-17 which gave a direct saving of Rs. 36 lakh y-o-y and, eliminated indirect losses due to breakdown of the equipment and crusher. 


Induced Fan Duct is a critical equipment of Boiler in Captive Power Plant (CPP) and its malfunction would lead to breakdown of boiler. CPP at Chanderiya has been facing a major challenge of erosion of duct parts of Induced Draft Fan, leading to higher power consumption, thereby, increasing COP.
To eliminate the erosion, Captive Power Plant team comprising Mr. Mahender Singh Rathore (Manager -  Engineer and Planning), Mr. Seela Satyanarayana (Associate Manager - Electrical), Mr. Mohd. Parvez (Associate Manager - Power), Mr. Chandi Das (Associate Manager - Electrical) and Mr. Binu Raphael (AGM - Asset Optimisation) conducted a detailed “Computational Fluid Dynamics” analysis by taking measurement of pressure drop across the duct. Huge pressure drop across the duct was found to be the main reason of erosion during the analysis. Team then rectified the flow path of induced air by modifying the design of the duct.
Team efforts paid result. After design modification, the erosion of duct got reduced and power saving of around 100KW/Unit was achieved leading to cost saving of Rs.
30 lakhs per annum. This has been horizontally implemented across all units of HZL.